youtube positivity day 3: favourite male youtuber


patrick stump x red

pete wentz | andy hurley | joe trohman


6 selfies of 2k14 (and one or two from 2013 bc I always delete them) tagged by flocles

ok i’m tagging: ramenhime, 00cm, aho-chan, baldfather

do it if you want to

i’m not sad

a mix for wanting to feel okay [[ L I S T E N ]]


pete + meagan selfies

Fall Out Boy - 7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan ..
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The only thing worse than not knowing
Is you thinking that I don’t know
I’m having another episode
I just need a stronger dose


Patrick: I probably never would have been a singer if Pete hadn’t suggested it. 

Entire fob fan base: 


Panic! At The Disco - She Had the World
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I don’t love you I’m just passing the time

You could love me if I knew how to lie

But who could love me?

I am out of my mind

Throwing a line out to sea

To see if I can catch a dream

an accurate representation of how one feels before and after a show